Musical Porches Rocked

Last night the Founders Square neighborhood hosted Musical Front Porches. We picked up a map at the Washington Street cemetery and wandered around to the 11 participating homes that were hosting musicians on their porches. Folks of all ages were walking, skateboarding, biking and driving from site to site. Some folks decided to stay in one place and set out lawn chairs to enjoy the evening. I was impressed by all of the musicians and the overall energy of the event. It was fabulous, fabulous, fabulous. Once again, Geneva proves what a great little city it is.



Founders Square Neighbourhood

The Washington Park neighbourhood has recently adopted a new name – Founder’s Square. The name references the American Founding Fathers as well as the neighbourhood’s role as one of the early, or founding neighbourhoods in the city.

The Founder’s Square neighbourhood also decided on a new sign topper that will make an appearance above the street signs in this area. The design references the old cemetery gate, which a group of folks are working to restore. I think it’s a handsome looking sign topper. To learn more about the Founder’s Square neighbourhood or to get involved, check out the Geneva Neighborhood Resource Center website.

Garden Walk Rocked

This weekend was the Garden Walk along Washington Street. Folks opened their yards to anyone who wanted to drop by and explore the garden. It was amazing to see what some people have done with their yards — there are flowers, fruits and veggies, places to sit and relax, ponds, statues and more. In addition to exploring the gardens, we really enjoyed running into friends along the way. We stopped and chatted, walked to another house, chatted some more and carried on. What a great way to spend the morning.

The other highlights from the event include the tree map that identifies some of the trees along Washington Street and the display hosted by two HWS students depicting a proposal for rebuilding the cemetery gate.

Oh and there is one more thing. We picked up a copy of Bloom, by artist Kevin Harwood. Bloom is a charming Illuminated Magazine about Geneva. Read more here.

20120624-164026.jpg20120624-164037.jpg20120624-164052.jpgA big thank-you to the organizers and volunteers who made the Garden Walk happen.