Commercial Development on the Lakefront

photo3There was a story in the Finger Lakes Times this past weekend about an upcoming Council Meeting regarding commercial development on the lakefront.  As a relative newcomer to Geneva, I don’t know much about what’s been discussed or considered in the past.  Given the importance of the waterfront as a resource for our community, it’s definitely an issue I’m keen to learn more about.  For now, here are the details of the Council Meeting as well as whatever documents I could find on the web.

Council Meeting on July 9, 2013 at the Public Safety Building at 6:00 pm.

Policies on Downtown and Lakefront Development

Waterfront Infrastructure Feasibility Study

Facebook Event Page


New City Logo

Did anyone catch the new city logo in the Finger Lakes Times this week? After much public consultation and deliberation, the new logo will include a skyline of downtown and a large sailboat. I will try to find an image online to share. It’s exciting to me that the historic downtown skyline is featured. Yay!


This is a picture of a new book that I recently picked up at one of my favourite downtown shops, Stomping Grounds. I am including this picture because it relates to Geneva love.