New Beginings

It’s that time of year again. It’s getting colder out, local apples are in the grocery stores, and the kids are back to school. For me, this time of year feels more like the new year than January.

For the past few months, I’ve been working for the City of Rochester and commuting daily from Geneva.  This summer, we packed up our apartment and moved to Rochester.  As you know, Geneva is one cool little city full of interesting, kind, and imaginative people and we were lucky to have lived here for a couple of years.  Thanks, friends.  And thanks for reading this blog and for sharing my excitement about Geneva.

All the best…



Commercial Development on the Lakefront

photo3There was a story in the Finger Lakes Times this past weekend about an upcoming Council Meeting regarding commercial development on the lakefront.  As a relative newcomer to Geneva, I don’t know much about what’s been discussed or considered in the past.  Given the importance of the waterfront as a resource for our community, it’s definitely an issue I’m keen to learn more about.  For now, here are the details of the Council Meeting as well as whatever documents I could find on the web.

Council Meeting on July 9, 2013 at the Public Safety Building at 6:00 pm.

Policies on Downtown and Lakefront Development

Waterfront Infrastructure Feasibility Study

Facebook Event Page

Vegetarian Eats in Geneva

Despite it’s size, Geneva is home to several restaurants that offer great vegetarian food. Here’s my list of places to check-out:

1. Dallywater’s – this restaurant makes all their food from scratch and always has several delicious vegetarian options on the menu. Check of the vegetarian bangers and mash or the “vegetarian” meat pie.  In addition to the food, Dallywater’s has the nicest facade in the city.  You can sit in the lovely windows, enjoy your meal and watch the city go by.


2. The Leaf – responsible, organic, local, delicious.  Check out the veggie burger, banh-mi or risotto.  They also happen to have one of the best beer selections in town.

3.  Opus Espresso and Wine Bar – good coffee and the vegetarian burrito will keep you going for lunch and dinner!

4. Pure Grille & Curry – there are many options to choose from at this yummy restaurant.  The service is quick and the prices are very reasonable.

There are a handful of other places in town that consistently have veggie options on their menus, including: The Red Dove Tavern, Finger Lakes Gifts and Lounge, Halsey’s, and Seneca Brew & Smokehouse.

Speaking of great food, did you see the recent article about Geneva in the Democrat & Chronicle?

The only other thing that I wanted to note is that Mother Earth Natural Foods is a great place to stock up on beans and grains and whatever other bulk items you might need.

Does it matter if HWS has an office downtown?

Yes, it does. I recently noticed an HWS office sign downtown on Main Street. I really think this is a great idea for a number of reasons:

  • the more people working, living and shopping downtown, the more vibrant our Main Streets will become;
  • working downtown means that employees can use their lunch breaks to walk to places to eat or do errands (e.g. post office, public library);
  • there is one less vacant storefront;
  • I think the university is leasing the space, which means that the building owner, in turn, is paying property taxes (note: typically, universities are exempt from local property taxes), and;
  • it seems to me that there is something symbolic about extending the built environment of the campus into the heart of the city. I know that there are loads of great campus / community initiatives, but there is something about a bricks and mortar presence that strikes me as pretty powerful.


KidVenture Dome and the GPL Create Busy Parents Book Club

KidVenture Dome is moving into the old movie theater in downtown Geneva.  It looks like it’s going to be a great place for kids to play and for parents to hang-out. The Geneva Public Library has formed a new partnership with the KVD to create a Busy Parents Book Club. Here’s the idea — your kids get to play and you get to chat about books with other parents. Sounds great, eh? See here for more info.

photo 4

Resources for Commuters

Have I mentioned that I live in Geneva but work in Rochester? Four days a week, I commute 50 mins one-way to get to work. Thanks to great highways and free parking, my commute is relatively hassle-free.  I pass the time listening to audiobooks (thanks Geneva Public Library!) and sipping my coffee, which is actually relatively pleasant.


Our situation – where one spouse works in Geneva and one commutes elsewhere for work – is not uncommon.  I wish that I wasn’t commuting, but since I am, I try to make the best of it.  For those of you who are also commuters, I thought I would share my recent discoveries:

1. You can commute to Rochester (e.g. exit 42 to exit 45) for $88 a year with this EZ pass.

2. You can find updates on road conditions at this website.

If you have any other resources or tips for commuting, please let me know!

Frisbee Golf Comes to Town

Lakefront Park is getting a disc golf course!   I’ve never actually played disc golf, but it seems like a great way to spend some time down by the water (especially if cute little mice in cars will also be playing!).

This Saturday the Geneva Disc Golf Club is having a dedication ceremony to open the course.  For more information check out this event flyer. To stay in the loop on cool stuff happening around town, you can get on the mailing list for the fabulous Geneva Neighbourhood Resource Center.

New City Logo

Did anyone catch the new city logo in the Finger Lakes Times this week? After much public consultation and deliberation, the new logo will include a skyline of downtown and a large sailboat. I will try to find an image online to share. It’s exciting to me that the historic downtown skyline is featured. Yay!


This is a picture of a new book that I recently picked up at one of my favourite downtown shops, Stomping Grounds. I am including this picture because it relates to Geneva love.