Bills and Jills

I just learned that the cheerleaders for the Buffalo Bills are called the Jills.  The Bills and the Jills — I like it.


Buying underwear in Saranac Lake

One of my friends in BC just sent me this article from the NYT about an inspiring community-owned department store in Saranac Lake. According to google maps, Saranac Lake is about 4.5 hours from Geneva. Saranac Lake is also home to one of my new favourite breweries. Anyway…

In 2002, the local department store closed it doors leaving residents with nowhere in town to buy their undies. Some thought that inviting Walmart to town was a good solution, while others disagreed. A group of citizens came up with a creative solution to open a local department store instead. In order to raise funds, they sold $100 shares to community members — a process that took several years. While it’s only been open for a short while, the new store is already popular with locals.

I just love these kinds of stories.