Tech nerd post


I updated my iPad this week with the new iOS 5. Discovering all the new features has been surprisingly fun (and mildly addictive). Never mind the fact that when I announced to my husband, I can now use italics in email! he was like, that’s news (and implicitly, who cares?!)?.

Anyway. Here are my favourite updates so far:

1.  Dictionary: when you select a word, you can tap define to bring up the word in a dictionary. Some parents will never need to say, go look it up in a dictionary again.

2. Multitasking gestures: pinch screen with 5 fingers to return to home screen; swipe screen right or left with 4 fingers to move between open apps; swipe screen up or down with 4 fingers to open another app while using an app (i.e. rather than going back to the homepage).

3.  iMessage: free messaging between apple users. Admittedly, there were other programs that already allowed for this…but still.

I’m suspicious of the whole iCloud thing (in the same way that I’m vaguely concerned about too many wi-fi signals in my home).

So that’s my dorky apple review. I can’t believe that I’ve written a tech post. I’ve gotten all apple-born-again.  Do you like the new iOS 5?