Vegetarian Eats in Geneva

Despite it’s size, Geneva is home to several restaurants that offer great vegetarian food. Here’s my list of places to check-out:

1. Dallywater’s – this restaurant makes all their food from scratch and always has several delicious vegetarian options on the menu. Check of the vegetarian bangers and mash or the “vegetarian” meat pie.  In addition to the food, Dallywater’s has the nicest facade in the city.  You can sit in the lovely windows, enjoy your meal and watch the city go by.


2. The Leaf – responsible, organic, local, delicious.  Check out the veggie burger, banh-mi or risotto.  They also happen to have one of the best beer selections in town.

3.  Opus Espresso and Wine Bar – good coffee and the vegetarian burrito will keep you going for lunch and dinner!

4. Pure Grille & Curry – there are many options to choose from at this yummy restaurant.  The service is quick and the prices are very reasonable.

There are a handful of other places in town that consistently have veggie options on their menus, including: The Red Dove Tavern, Finger Lakes Gifts and Lounge, Halsey’s, and Seneca Brew & Smokehouse.

Speaking of great food, did you see the recent article about Geneva in the Democrat & Chronicle?

The only other thing that I wanted to note is that Mother Earth Natural Foods is a great place to stock up on beans and grains and whatever other bulk items you might need.


Edible Geneva

There are several wonderful places to eat in downtown Geneva.  I love walking downtown for food and drinks at one of the locally-owned, independent restaurants or pubs.  I’m really impressed that there is so much good food in such a small city.  I’m also impressed that these businesses are choosing to set-up shop in our walkable and quaint downtown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the downtown, but it’s no longer the commercial core of the city.  I think it’s important to support these businesses if we’d like to eat local food and create viable downtown communities.

Let me tell you — I am not the only fan.  Edible Finger Lakes has recently published an article highlighting many of the good eats (and good peeps!) in town.  Some of my personal favourites include the following:

  • Leaf Kitchen: local, organic, lots of veggie options and a Canadian chef(!)
  • Red Dove: local, organic, fab beer menu and great space
  • Dallywater’s: delightfully British, beautiful window seats and fantastic food and teas
  • Pure: yummy Indian food including lots of veggie options
  • Mircoclimate Wine Bar: Finger Lakes and international wines in an unpretentious and super hip space

In addition to these restaurants, Geneva is also home to other food treats including normal bread and the Geneva Farmer’s Market.  All in all,  not a bad place to eat.

Good eats


Victoria, BC has some really amazing restaurants. Even the little lunch spots offer fantastic food. We have been delighted to discover that Geneva is not without it’s own little food gems. One restaurant in particular, the Leaf Kitchen, has amazing, local and relatively inexpensive food. The desserts alone are worth a visit. Mmmmm. If you find yourself in the Finger Lakes, you won’t be disappointed by the food scene!

I heart Farm Sanctuary

In his book, Eating Animals, Jonathan Safran Foer reviews the practice of factory farming and asks us to consider how much pollution, health risk and animal suffering we’re willing to endure for a piece of meat.  The information in the book made my stomach turn.  It’s a complete horror story.

Thankfully, there are a few glimmers of hope peppered throughout the book.  One example is a fantastic organization in Watkins Glen called Farm Sanctuary.  Watkins Glen is about 35 minutes from Geneva and is home to some beautiful waterfalls and some serious car racing.  Farm Sanctuary is exactly what you might imagine – a refuge for sick and mistreated farm animals.  They also work to raise awareness and promote change about how farm animals are treated.

Before reading Foer’s book, I had no idea how urgently we need to change factory farm practices (I don’t know how things compare in Canada).  I’m not sure yet how or if I’m going to change my eating habits.  Should I become a full-time vegetarian?  Should I try to find ethical meat?  Do I really need to research where all my food comes from?  Apart from my personal eating habits, what else can I do?  Wherever I land on these questions, I will definitely support Farm Sanctuary’s work and I can’t wait to visit when it opens again in the spring.

For more pictures of Farm Sanctuary animals (like the picture of Tweed the Calf, below), check out this article at the Huffington Post.

Update:  Natalie Portman may be making a documentary based on Eating Animals.

Some favourites from December

These Nadège raspberry marshmallows are surprisingly tasty.

I like this snarky website about Rochester.

And this delightful blog about living in America.

Not surprisingly, this book is causing me grief about eating animals.

I liked this article about snow removal and the mob in Montreal.

I love the paintings of Vancouver in this magazine.

I had an amazing lunch at The Bag Lady in London, Ontario and a fantastic dinner at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar in TO.

Speaking of food, I can’t wait to try our new cookbooks – Vij’s at Home and Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes.

More Favourites

I’ve been gallivanting around Ontario again lately so I thought I’d post another favourites list.  More on Geneva next week, perhaps.

Website: candy chang – I wish I had this kind of creativity.

Documentaries: urbanized – I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m trying to see if I can get it screened in Geneva (no luck yet).  Also check out page one, which is an interesting look at the NYT.

Book: The Big Short – I’m not really a numbers person, but this book about the financial collapse is a real page-turner. Seriously.

Cities: pedestrian scramble – I just stumbled upon one of these in Toronto at the intersection of Bloor and Young. Very disorienting. But so cool.

Crafts: autumn leaf bouquet – see photograph, above.

Recipe:  Glory Bowl from Whitewater Cooks — this recipe is now part of our repertoire.  It’s so good.  You can get nutritional yeast at the natural food store in Geneva (no luck at Wegman’s).