A couple of favourites

I really like these pedestrian wayfinding signs that have popped up all over downtown Rochester.  They took a page from the Raleigh playbook.

I’m also impressed with 8 house – an apartment complex where you can bike up the side of your building to get to your floor (see video here and some great pics on this blog).

And this former Walmart turned library.

I enjoyed reading this historical fiction about the American Whiskey Rebels from the 1790s.

I learned a lot from this documentary about the Pruitt-Igoe housing complex in St. Louis and the changing dynamics of the city in the 1960s.


Home is stuck in my head!

I really like this cheery little song.  And I like the refrain – “home is wherever I’m with you”.  Given that we’ve recently moved to Geneva, NY, I’ve been thinking a lot about where my “home” is.  People ask me where I’m from and I stuttered something about London, Ontario and Victoria, BC.  It doesn’t feel like a simple answer.  But the notion of being with the one you love is a response that certainly resonates with me.  I’ve noticed that most of the folks whose homes are featured on DesignSponge also come up with a similar response when asked what they like about where they live.  I guess home isn’t just a physical place, it’s also an emotional one.

Favourite magazines

I took this picture last year while I was walking to work (in Victoria, BC).  This picture has nothing to do with magazines, but I prefer blog posts that include images and I couldn’t really find a good magazine-related picture.  So here is a random!

Back to magazines —  I love quirky stories, passionate people and fab photos.  Here is my list of favourites:

Got any other recommendations?  I love finding new things to read!

Some favourites from December

These Nadège raspberry marshmallows are surprisingly tasty.

I like this snarky website about Rochester.

And this delightful blog about living in America.

Not surprisingly, this book is causing me grief about eating animals.

I liked this article about snow removal and the mob in Montreal.

I love the paintings of Vancouver in this magazine.

I had an amazing lunch at The Bag Lady in London, Ontario and a fantastic dinner at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar in TO.

Speaking of food, I can’t wait to try our new cookbooks – Vij’s at Home and Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes.