Condo life according to The Walrus

The Walrus, a much loved Canadian magazine, features short films on its website.  The following episode is about the culture of condo life in Toronto.  The author argues that condo living is a somewhat antisocial mode of existence for its inhabitants.  I’m not sure how applicable this argument would be to city like Vancouver, which seems to be a little bit better at integrating land uses (and hence at providing for a greater array of interactions that you might have in and around your neighbourhood).  This t.v. episode reminds us, even in little Geneva, that bracketing land uses into mono-culture environments (e.g. businesses in one part of town and houses in another) is not fun no matter where you live.  Anyway.  Enjoy!


New Ideas Day

According to the NYT, Pod Cars will be introduced in Amritsar, India.  Personal.  Rapid.  Transit.  Can you imagine?

According to the Vancouver Sun, the City of Vancouver is planning to build a greenhouse on the roof of a city parking lot.  What an interesting use of space!

The Next American City is opening a Storefront for Urban Innovation.  I wonder if something like this could work in Geneva?

The battle to save the old Cataract Building in downtown Rochester is heating up.  See here.  I took this picture of the Cataract Building while we were in Rochester this weekend.