Condo life according to The Walrus

The Walrus, a much loved Canadian magazine, features short films on its website.  The following episode is about the culture of condo life in Toronto.  The author argues that condo living is a somewhat antisocial mode of existence for its inhabitants.  I’m not sure how applicable this argument would be to city like Vancouver, which seems to be a little bit better at integrating land uses (and hence at providing for a greater array of interactions that you might have in and around your neighbourhood).  This t.v. episode reminds us, even in little Geneva, that bracketing land uses into mono-culture environments (e.g. businesses in one part of town and houses in another) is not fun no matter where you live.  Anyway.  Enjoy!


From bad to worse for the TTC

20120221-225825.jpgThe transit wars in Toronto between Mayor Ford and the Toronto Transit Commission (TTC) just got nasty.  Ford has been battling with City Council and the TTC over plans to build a new transit line.  The original plan has the line going above ground and using light rail.  Ford, who appears to loath all forms of active transportation, would rather build the line underground — despite the estimated $1 billion dollar increase in cost.  Tonight, at a special meeting of the TTC, Ford-supporters fired TTC chief Gary Webster from his position.  It will be interesting to watch how the province of Ontario handles this situation.  According to the G & M, Premier McGuinty isn’t thrilled. Will Ontario follow BC’s lead and get rid of local decision-making in regional transportation?

Some favourites from December

These Nadège raspberry marshmallows are surprisingly tasty.

I like this snarky website about Rochester.

And this delightful blog about living in America.

Not surprisingly, this book is causing me grief about eating animals.

I liked this article about snow removal and the mob in Montreal.

I love the paintings of Vancouver in this magazine.

I had an amazing lunch at The Bag Lady in London, Ontario and a fantastic dinner at Local Kitchen and Wine Bar in TO.

Speaking of food, I can’t wait to try our new cookbooks – Vij’s at Home and Jamie Oliver’s Food Escapes.