I live in Geneva NY. No, not that Geneva. It’s a small town in upstate NY. My hubby and I moved here from our home in Victoria, BC. It’s has been a bit of a transition to move from Canada to the US, from the West Coast to the East and from a mid-sized city (350,000) to a small city (13,000). Many of our adventures and explorations into this new territory are chronicled on this blog!


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  1. What prompted your move to Geneva? My son moved to Geneva in 2008. It’s a fabulous place. I visit often and travel the countryside extensively. We’re from Brantford. My Web site shows my interpretation of Geneva and the Finger Lakes area.

    • Hi Jack,

      We moved to Geneva because my husband got a job here. I grew up in London, Ontario and am familiar with Brantford. I adore your artwork. The Geneva images are great, but so are Waterloo, Montreal, etc.

    • Thanks for reminding me about this article! I am an avid reader of Edible Finger Lakes – the stories and the pictures are both fantastic. And thanks for profiling Geneva in your magazine – the food and the people in this town are wonderful.

  2. Great site! I’m from Geneva, not that Geneva – Geneva, Illinois. Grew up with a quaint, picturesque downtown. It’s gotten a lot more big-boxy than I’d like to see over the years since I’ve left but still holds strong.

    Ironically, our family would vacation at Lake Geneva in Wisconsin. You better believe they have a nice downtown as well.

    • Thanks for your feedback!

      I keep meaning to write a post about all the Genevas in the US. Maybe I should talk to you before I post it!

      Nice, small downtowns are a real treat, aren’t they? There are some pretty fab folks working hard to create and support local businesses here in Geneva, NY. Makes me happy every time I’m there.

  3. this is a WONDERFUL blog! I especially appreciate all the links to both local and national discussions in planning and design. I hope we meet at some point around town!

  4. Hi Jill

    Haven’t stopped by your blog for a while. It’s great. Really interesting insights and great photos too. Hope you will get a chance to come back to Victoria for a visit sometime. We miss you.


  5. Hello! Just browsing around the web and came upon your blog. Thank you for doing this; it’s very helpful and obviously very appreciated. I’m on the west coast also, but grew up there in upstate NY. Am thinking of returning to that area and Geneva is at the top of my list. Please give your honest impressions of people there, the ordinances you were surprised to learn of, the shopping, groceries, cost of living, entertainment, things to do, students, housing (& costs), regrets, astonishments, and things you’ve learned about New Yorkers that you did not expect. I work in IT and will be searching for work. Is this a risky move? Thank You!

  6. I have just found your blog while looking for the town yardsale date.
    I am also from Canada. I moved to Phelps in 2010 and Geneva in 2011. My husband is from the area and I am from New Brunswick.

    Don’t you miss all the snacks and sweets they don’t have here?!

    • Hi Jen,

      What a small world! Yes, I miss the sweets from Canada. My mom is from Cape Breton and my brother-in-law is from St. John’s. Maybe we should organize a Canada Day picnic down in Seneca Park. What do you think?

  7. FYI, Love your piece(s) on Geneva and would love to collaborate more on new urbanism, and hipster culture in Geneva. I have changed the link and name from previous LODO, in Geneva, to “Urban Geneva” (https://www.facebook.com/urbangeneva) The old link will no longer work, and you may want to change your links in this blog to reflect the change. Best!


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