A couple of favourites

These important books: Walkable City: How downtown can save America, one step at a time by Jeff Speck and How to Be a Woman by Caitlan Moran

This graphic novel: Jerusalem by (Canadian!) Guy Delisle

This yummy recipe: Quinoa stuffed acorn squash

This funny movie: Moonrise Kingdom

This article from Nate Silver: The End of Car Culture

This sigur ros song and video: Valtari

These charming dog prints by (Canadian!) artist, Mark Tetro

These funny flamingos spotted today in Rochester, NY:


2 thoughts on “A couple of favourites

  1. Hi Jill, I love your blog and how these various links you post broaden my horizons! I’m forwarding this post to a couple of friends who will enjoy also. After over indulging on Thanksgiving I look forward to trying the Quinoa recipe-sounds delish’! I love the Valtari video, such lucious choreography and music in austere surroundings. The link to dog print actually takes me to recipe… you may need to re-link… see you shopping local in Geneva, later today or next weekend! 🙂 best regards, Marty

    • Hi Marty,

      Thanks for your feedback! I fixed the link — good catch! Looking forward to shop local Saturday. Downtown Geneva is a great place to poke around (and thankfully without much snow on the ground)!


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