What is Geneva’s walk score?

Walk Score is a website that measures the walkability of a neighborhood based on the number of consumer destinations within walking distance of a house.  Scores range from 0 (car dependent) to 100 (most walkable).  Geneva’s walk score is 85, above Rochester (63) and Canandaigua (77) but on par with NYC. Obviously, certain parts of Geneva (or any other community) are more walkable than others, but the walk score is nonetheless an interesting metric to give you a relative sense of how Geneva compares.

Walking matters for a whole range of reasons, including better health, fewer carbon emissions, saving money on transportation costs, saving money on road repairs, etc.  CEOs for Cities published a paper a few years ago about the link between walkability and housing values.  Since Geneva is looking to maintain or improve its housing stock, encouraging a walkable community seems like an important piece of this equation.  I’m honestly a little surprised that Geneva scored an 85.  I’d like to celebrate this achievement and at the same time, find ways to further improve the pedestrian environment.


4 thoughts on “What is Geneva’s walk score?

  1. We should talk about the walking maps for Geneva that Geneva13 has been slowly working on for about two years! Let me know if you are interested.

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