Edible Geneva

There are several wonderful places to eat in downtown Geneva.  I love walking downtown for food and drinks at one of the locally-owned, independent restaurants or pubs.  I’m really impressed that there is so much good food in such a small city.  I’m also impressed that these businesses are choosing to set-up shop in our walkable and quaint downtown.  Don’t get me wrong, I love the downtown, but it’s no longer the commercial core of the city.  I think it’s important to support these businesses if we’d like to eat local food and create viable downtown communities.

Let me tell you — I am not the only fan.  Edible Finger Lakes has recently published an article highlighting many of the good eats (and good peeps!) in town.  Some of my personal favourites include the following:

  • Leaf Kitchen: local, organic, lots of veggie options and a Canadian chef(!)
  • Red Dove: local, organic, fab beer menu and great space
  • Dallywater’s: delightfully British, beautiful window seats and fantastic food and teas
  • Pure: yummy Indian food including lots of veggie options
  • Mircoclimate Wine Bar: Finger Lakes and international wines in an unpretentious and super hip space

In addition to these restaurants, Geneva is also home to other food treats including normal bread and the Geneva Farmer’s Market.  All in all,  not a bad place to eat.


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