Garden Walk Rocked

This weekend was the Garden Walk along Washington Street. Folks opened their yards to anyone who wanted to drop by and explore the garden. It was amazing to see what some people have done with their yards — there are flowers, fruits and veggies, places to sit and relax, ponds, statues and more. In addition to exploring the gardens, we really enjoyed running into friends along the way. We stopped and chatted, walked to another house, chatted some more and carried on. What a great way to spend the morning.

The other highlights from the event include the tree map that identifies some of the trees along Washington Street and the display hosted by two HWS students depicting a proposal for rebuilding the cemetery gate.

Oh and there is one more thing. We picked up a copy of Bloom, by artist Kevin Harwood. Bloom is a charming Illuminated Magazine about Geneva. Read more here.

20120624-164026.jpg20120624-164037.jpg20120624-164052.jpgA big thank-you to the organizers and volunteers who made the Garden Walk happen.


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