Yarn bombing the pier

In some cities, folks don’t ask permission to improve their communities, they just go ahead and make change. For instance, the City Repair project in Portland started when a group of neighbours decided to spruce up their hood. They installed a bookcase where people can lend and borrow books, they added benches and they painted intersections. They did all of this without asking for permission. This kind of guerrilla urbanism is being chronicled by Street Plans Collective, an urban planning, design and advocacy firm. The label loosely associated with this kind of stuff is called “tactical urbanism“.

Another example of tactical urbanism is yarn bombing, or covering trees, poles, bikes, statues, or anything at all, really, with yarn. Today, we were down at the water enjoying some ice cream and noticed that the pier has been delightfully yarn bombed. Little, rural Geneva has some creative folks who have spruced up the pier. I’ve included a few pictures, below, but it’s worth checking it out for yourself the next time that you’re down at the water.



One thought on “Yarn bombing the pier

  1. can the bombers please yarn bomb the ugly pedway under-pass from the lake front that crosses under 5/20. maybe before the musselman in july. itd be really nice to have something not scary to look at while starting & ending that brutal last leg of the tri. please yarn bombers…

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