What does Geneva have in common with NYC?

According to Wikipedia, every city in NYS is contained within one county, apart from NYC and Geneva.  NYC spans five counties, which include New York, Kings, Bronx, Richmond and Queens.  Geneva straddles two counties, Seneca and Ontario.  This is a great piece of nerdy local government trivia.

Source: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Administrative_divisions_of_New_York#City


One thought on “What does Geneva have in common with NYC?

  1. I remember Geneva straddling two counties! I was a H&WS colleges student waitressing in Sambo’s Pancake House (I know, it’s not Sambo’s anymore, thank G-d!) on 5&20. Bar closing was different in the two counties – one closing was 1 am, one was 2 am. Two bar rushes – each drunker than the other! Remember a guy mumbling ‘steak and eggs’ , then picking his head up from the counter to deposit his steak and eggs and then repositioning his face on said steak and eggs. This happened many times… You’ve posted great pics of Geneva, NY. If I ever find a windfall of cash, will visit – it has many happy memories for me, and would love to see the changes after 30 years’ absence.

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