Podunk, NY

Podunk, NY, is a hamlet in the town of Ulysses (which is about 45 minutes from Geneva).  Podunk and Ulysses are just two examples of the many, many interesting place names around here.  Ever heard of Canandaigua?  As a Canadian, I always hesitate when I pronounce this one.  Cana-what?  Geneva isn’t the only city to be named after a European or Mediterranean counterpart either.  Not far down the road you’ll find Rome and Jerusalem.  Seriously.

Some people have suggested that we should buy a GPS device for our car.  If we bought a GPS, then we would miss all the fun of looking at the map and discovering these little place names along the way!


3 thoughts on “Podunk, NY

  1. I grew up in Podunk, NY on Podunk Road. Near Trumansburg. My father owned the Podunk Cross-Country Ski Shop 1970-90’s. My family still owns a wonderful property there along Taughannock Creek. My heart is anchored there.

    • I must have bought my skis from your father in 1975 or 1976. He was very helpful and gracious. The skis were from Finland and painted a reddish shade of purple. The bindings were marked “left” and “right”, but in Finnish, so it didn’t help me get them onto the correct feet.

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