What do you call a group of doves?

I don’t know either.  The internet had a whole of bunch of answers to this question including “dule” and “dole”, both of which sound fishy.  I’m asking because there seems to be a lot of doves in Geneva.  There is everyone’s favourite restaurant, the Red Dove.  There is a building downtown that says “Dove Block”.  And there is a local brewery called Naked Dove (which is located halfway between here and Canandaigua.  If you’re Canadian and you’ve never seen the word Canandaigua before, trust me, I’m not making it up!).


Once upon a time, there was an artist named Arthur Garfield Dove (1880 – 1946), whose father was a building contractor and brick manufacturer in Geneva.  Dove grew up in Geneva and attended HWS before moving on to NYC.  He eventually moved back to Geneva with his wife, whose nickname was “Reds”.  Dove wasn’t a big fan of Geneva so they only stayed in town for a couple of years.  I learned all of this on the website for the Metropolitan Museum of Art  (phew – good thing it wasn’t censored today!  This joke has to do with an American bill proposal that would censor the internet.  This joke actually isn’t very funny and hardly worth the long explanation.  Anyway.).


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