Live. Work. Play. Invest.

I just read an interesting (and slightly depressing) article in the City Journal about the failure of successive approaches to economic development (including smoke-stack chasing, cluster development, tech park development, community economic development, branding and creative cities). I still have way too much sugar in my system to come up with anything intelligent to say about this article (but thanks for sharing it anyway, LZ!).

It did, however, prompt me to look and see if Geneva has a slogan. On the City website, it says Live. Work. Play. Invest. What I like most about this slogan is the word “invest”. It could mean that people can invest in starting new businesses in Geneva. Or it could mean to invest in real estate. Or maybe it could simply mean to invest in where you live – literally, to care about the community. In an era where mobility and travel are prized above commitment to place, the prospect of investing in Geneva strikes me as a somewhat radical proposition. Invest. I like it.



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