Outlet Trail, Dresden, NY





We went for a hike this weekend along the Outlet Trail. It runs along a wee canal between Dresden and Penn Yan (side note: I really need to look into some of the place names around here). It was a quiet afternoon and we ran into several fathers and sons out hunting (their bright orange clothing and guns gave them away as hunters). We were a bit concerned that we weren’t wearing orange. Is hunting something that you need to be thinking about when you’re out for a hike? We should figure this out before setting out again.

Anyway. The trail runs along a former railway track (I think). It’s flat and doesn’t meander to the same degree as the canal. Along the way, we eventually ran into a couple of abandoned industrial buildings. Kind of spooky and neat at the same time. Certainly not your average walk in the park!


3 thoughts on “Outlet Trail, Dresden, NY

    • Thanks Anna. Hunting and hiking strike me as incompatible uses — I’m a bit surprised that it’s allowed and that there isn’t more public awareness about this. Even a little note at the trailhead would have been nice! I just read about an ongoing court case from Seattle — the city tried to ban hunting in city parks near school zones and it was challenged because gun regulation is not within the city’s jurisdiction (which is probably true. But still.). It just blows my mind that anyone would hunt near a school zone. Ack!

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