More Favourites

I’ve been gallivanting around Ontario again lately so I thought I’d post another favourites list.  More on Geneva next week, perhaps.

Website: candy chang – I wish I had this kind of creativity.

Documentaries: urbanized – I haven’t seen this yet, but I’m trying to see if I can get it screened in Geneva (no luck yet).  Also check out page one, which is an interesting look at the NYT.

Book: The Big Short – I’m not really a numbers person, but this book about the financial collapse is a real page-turner. Seriously.

Cities: pedestrian scramble – I just stumbled upon one of these in Toronto at the intersection of Bloor and Young. Very disorienting. But so cool.

Crafts: autumn leaf bouquet – see photograph, above.

Recipe:  Glory Bowl from Whitewater Cooks — this recipe is now part of our repertoire.  It’s so good.  You can get nutritional yeast at the natural food store in Geneva (no luck at Wegman’s).


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