Buying and selling cows




4 thoughts on “Buying and selling cows

  1. Hey! Cool blog. Do you know about Geneva13, the “zine of the local” in Geneva? They have an issue (#4 I think) which features the Livestock Market. You should consider sending them some writing or some of your photos. Here’s their website.

    Full disclosure, I’m Anna, colleague of Izzy’s, and partner of Kevin who co-edits G13. Hope you guys are well!

    • Hi Anna,

      Nice to meet you! I have heard about Geneva13 — such a cool publication. I’ve only had a chance to read the issue about walking. I will see if I can get my hands on issue #4…..I’d love to learn more about the Livestock Market. Are you guys going to provide any dispatches from abroad for upcoming issues?

      We are doing well. It’s been fun to discover Geneva and the the Finger Lakes. As you know, it’s such a great community.


  2. Hi Jill,
    I’m Doug from Geneva13. We did do an issue on the livestock exchange. So many people pass that big cow and wonder about it, but we ventured inside. It took a lot of reassuring to the owners…they’ve been burned by the media before…but they finally agreed and gave us a great, colorful interview. And the auction we went to was a hoot. I have a copy of that issue around here, I’ll try to get one to Izzy. This is a great blog, and we’d love to have photos and thoughts from you as a newcomer to Geneva in the zine! Cheers

    • Hi Doug,

      If you still have a copy of Geneva13 on the livestock exchange I would love to read it! It’s getting easier to learn about where our food comes from — at least as far as produce is concerned. It’s more difficult, I find, to learn about meat.

      Glad you like the blog. I worry a little that I might be offending people with my “holy smokes these Americans and their flags” type comments.

      I’ve seen your photos in Edible Finger Lakes, by the way. They’re great. Those Just a Taste pictures make me want to try everything on the menu!


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