Worst halloween costumes, 2011

I was looking online for a costume idea and came upon these horrors……


This Chewbacca costs $433!  What the hell?  Who buys these things?




2 thoughts on “Worst halloween costumes, 2011

  1. I went to a party once where a couple was wearing the Adam and Eve. gag. the exact one. There was some temporary halloween store by Mayfair that was selling these costumes. You looked at pictures on a wall and picked your costume and the clerks with headsets ordered it from the back. Rhys wanted to be a green man like form the canucks games so we went to that abomination of a store but they were out. He’s now being Al Capone wearing a Ralph Lauren pinstripe suit and fedora. Much better. I will be making a fake 1930s machine gun tomorrow after I finish Isabel’ s Link (Lengend of Zelda ) costume. I hate ready made costumes. Happy Halloween! That store should be gone at the end of Monday.

    • Seriously? People actually go out in public dressed like Adam and Eve? Ewww!

      Your home made costumes sound much nicer! Good idea on Al Capone. And good luck with the 1930s machine gun!!!

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