Are people happier in rural areas?


The Atlantic Magazine website just posted this interesting article about the urban-rural divide. Rather than focusing on who makes more money (urban) or who lives more sustainably (often urban), it draws on an academic paper focusing on happiness. Yeah, that’s right. Happiness. I wonder how they define that!

The academic paper tries to make the case that folks are happier in rural areas (three cheers for Geneva!). Turns out, however, that the data is a bit iffy….which means that the jury is still out.

One thing that I can tell you based on less than two months spent living in Geneva is that there is a lot of socializing going on. Not that folks aren’t socializing in big cities….it just seems more informal and more frequent here. I’m not sure that having an active social life can make up for all the things that living in a bigger city can offer…but it has certainly made the transition much easier to digest.


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