Cutting edge wind power….in Geneva?!


As you drive into Geneva from the thurway you pass these big wind turbines. The turbines are not yet in use. They belong to this company called Zotos that produces Shiseido makeup. After a little bit of google research, it seems that the Zotos Wind Project is one of the top on-site wind projects currently being undertaken by a manufacturing company in the US. How interesting is that? Who knew that Geneva was a hotbed for corproate sustainability?!


2 thoughts on “Cutting edge wind power….in Geneva?!

  1. Unfortunately those turbine blades are not turning yet. Apparently they are built too close to a NYSEG transformer station and NYSEG and Zotos are negotiating on who foots the bill for moving it. So those stoic windmills stand…unturning.

    • Boo! Although even if they don’t turn….they’re still standing there like mascots at the head of the lake. I think their mere presence help to shape our notion of what is possible.

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