First blog post

Ok, so here is my first post.  I’m starting a blog, which feels a bit like writing a teenage diary and sharing it on the web.  Awesome.

What the heck am I supposed to put on this blog?  I’ve temporarily moved from a Canadian city on the West Coast to a small, American town in the East.

A couple of things are clear already – I’m not some of kind of back-to-the-land rural idealist (e.g. The Pioneer Woman) and I’m not raising kids while crafting and blogging (e.g. fellow upstate blogger at Maya Made).

Who knows what kind of posts might end up here.  Stay tuned…..


3 thoughts on “First blog post

  1. great start. I’m glad this isn’t a crafting blog, although perhaps some knitting photos might be nice …. (just kidding). Looking forward to your interpretation of your new town.

    • seems my first post didn’t post anyways. So you will have missed my reference to sock knitting as a activity for you! What those blogs tell me is that you need photos and it appears that you should be able to get them up straight from instagram.

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